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General Joseph Bailey


Basic Facts:

Date of Birth: May 6, 1825

Place of Birth: in Ohio

Death: March 21, 1867

Buried: Fort Scott, KS





Brief history prior to Civil War:

Was a Lumberton in Wisconsin

Brief history during the Civil War:

Was with the 4th Wisconsin

Direct engineer in campaign against Mobile then given rank of Major General

Helped rear Admiral David Dixon Porter out of situation on the Red River expedition. The admiral brought a 2 million-dollar fleet of gunboat up the river, the river water level dropped since he started his trip from New Orleans. Col. Bailey came up with a plan and got permission to build a dam. He was told by the Admiral he had 12 days and didn't get any money to do it. He picked up lumberjacks from the 29th and 23rd Wisconsin and a Maine unit. Porter was very skeptical of this whole idea. Bailey sunk two barges and used tree and rocks to build the dam. He raises the water seven feet and sent the ships through and it took only 11 days. The dam did cost 50 axes but when President Lincoln found out how he saved the fleet he didn't charge Bailey but promoted him to Brevet Brig General. Later he commanded troops that captured Fort Morgan near Mobile, AL which made him a full Brig General.

One of only 14 men to receive "The thanks of Congress" for the Civil War and wasn't a Corp. Commander at the time.

Captain of 4th Wisconsin July 21, 1861

Major May 30, 1863

Lt. Col. June 1, 1864

Brig General April 16, 1865

Resigned July 7, 1865


Brief history after the Civil War:

Was shot and killed while serving as a Missouri Sheriff.