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General Lysander Cutler


Basic Facts

Date of Birth: February 16, 1807

Place of Birth: Massachusetts

Death: July 30, 1866

Buried: Forest Hill, Milwaukee





Brief history prior to Civil War:

Had commanded the Main militia in the Aroostook Indian wars of 1838-1839 made his fortune in grain mill trade.

Was a teacher and businessman, ruined in 1857 by bad economy and then moved to Wisconsin and started the grain business


Brief history during the Civil War:

Enlisted July 16, 1861

Commanded 6th of Wisconsin (Iron Brigade) 

Was wounded at Brawners Farm (was 54 years old)

Once told off the secratary of war. He once organized a cease-fire for a fistfight between union and confederate units in their sector on Bowling Green rd. They all traded tobacco and coffee but the fight ended in a draw.

Commanded a brigade at Gettysburg. Was stationed to the right of union lines. Lost 2/3 of his men in the first day but prevent the Confederated from overrunning the union right.

Was wounded at Gainesville and Fredricksburg

Fought at Groveton part of 2nd Bull Run he was wounded in the leg. Returned at fought at Fredricksburg "promoted to brig General "then Chancelorsville and Gettysburg, Bristol, and Mine Run. Was Major General for overland and Potterburg Campaign.

Resigned on June 30, 1865 due to failing health


Brief history after the Civil War:

Died 13 months later after resigning