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General Rufus King


Basic Facts

Date of Birth: January 26, 1814

Place of Birth: In New York

Death: October 13, 1876

Buried: Jamaca, New York



Education: Went to West Point in 1833


Brief history prior to Civil War:


Was a newspaperman and politician.


Brief history during the Civil War:

Was to be appointed as diplomat to the Vatican in 1861 but joined army instead.

Was the first to commanded the "Iron Brigade"

Had trained the future men that became the Iron Brigade

Also commanded the 5th Wisconsin

Resigned after the battle of Gainesville after being accused of mishandling the brigade.

King was accused of excessive drinking

Was sent to Washington to command fortification there briefly

Resigned October 2, 1863 for health reasons.


Brief history after the Civil War:

A high school in Milwaukee is named after him

Helped capture John Surratt one of Lincoln's assignation conspirators.

Later became a customs official