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General Cadwallader Washburn


Basic Facts:

Date of Birth: April 22, 1818

Place of Birth:

Death: May 14, 1882 from paralysis in Eureka Spring, Arkansas

Buried: Oak Grove, La Crosse, WI


Family: Had brother Elihub Washburn, a congressman




Brief history prior to Civil War:

Came from a prominent Wisconsin family.


Brief history during the Civil War:

Organized 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry and became Col.

Commander all union cavalry in Arkansas

Was sent to capture Houston, TX

Appointed Brig Gen July 19, 1862

Commanded an expedition against Vicksburg through ya200pas halted at Fort Pemberton help reinforce Vicksburg besiegers

Was transferred to Dept of the Gulf then commanded district of west Tenn were he dealt with Nahan Beford Forrests and his calvary raids with poor results when war ended he resigned May 25, 1865


Brief history after the Civil War:

Was Wisconsin Governor 1871 - 1876

Was born in Maine.

Was a lawyer in Wisconsin.

Was a Republican congressman in 1854.

Was a close friend to Lincoln and Grant.

Served 2 terms as Congressman - one as Governor

Became rich in business was one of the founders of General Mills Corp.